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What Are Restaurant Management Jobs?

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Restaurant management jobs involve overseeing daily operations, coordinating the activities of different departments like the kitchen and dining room, ensuring customer satisfaction, overseeing inventory, ordering food and supplies, arranging maintenance and upkeep, hiring and training employees, and overall responsibility for the administration and human-resources aspects of the business. 

Before you panic, you should know those job duties are divided among employees. Within the restaurant management level, you will most likely find a general manager, one or many assistant managers depending on the size of the restaurant, and an executive chef. 

Each person on this team has their own responsibilities, although these may overlap. For instance, the executive chef traditionally selects the menu items, but the general manager may assist or have a say in the final decision. Once the menu has been planned, this then determines the food and labor needed, and the overhead costs that will lead to the establishment of prices for each dish.

The manager, or perhaps an assistant manager, can then place orders with distributors, coordinate routine services like having the linen washed or dining room cleaned after closing, waste removal, and pest control. They also have to maintain health and safety standards and obey local liquor licensing laws. 

Finally, restaurant management jobs entail various administrative and accounting assignments, such as keeping employee work records, preparing payroll, maintaining business records, and tallying the cash and charge receipts and balancing those against sales records. 

But restaurant management job opportunities should remain strong, especially for salaried managers hired by large chains or corporations. And as the hospitality industry continues to grow, restaurant managers should find good chances for employment.