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Hotel ManagerWhen you stay in a hotel you expect things to be right. Some hotels are more luxurious (and expensive) than others but in any hotel you expect your room to be clean, the food to be good, and  room service to be on their toes. Generally you want the service and facilities you are paying for, and you'll be right to complain of you don't get them. The person whose job it is to see that your stay is pleasant is the hotel manager.

As a hotel manager you are responsible for seeing that everything runs smoothly. You manage a team of staff with functions as various as cleaning and cooking, arrange supplies, deal with problems, and ensure that your guests are happy and want to come back. You combine an in-depth knowledge of the hotel trade with strong managerial and financial skills. Finally it is up to you to see that the hotel makes a profit for its owners.

What Skills Do Hotel Managers Need?

Hotel managers need to be able to manage people and deal with guests. They must be able to co-ordinate the different functions of a hotel, and also be able to set and work to budgets.

A hotel is a business and a hotel manger is also a business manager. They have to have their eye on the bottom line and know how to make the hotel run profitably.

What training is required to be a Hotel Manager?

A degree program which offers courses such hospitality, hotel and restaurant management, catering, and business administration will lay a strong foundation for your career in hotel management. Hands-on experience of working in a hotel in a non-management capacity will also be useful.

What Is My Job Outlook As A Hotel Manager?

The hospitality industry is a vast multi-billion dollar affair. While job openings will vary as the economy fluctuates there should be a continuing demand for well-educated hotel managers.