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Why Big Companies Want You To Be A Hacker
By : Justin Boyle
Publish date : May 27, 2013

The media tends to portray hackers as hyperactive supervillains whose idea of a good time is causing terror among the innocent. In reality, hackers fight more crime than they commit. Read on to learn what hackers really are. Read More...

What is an Advertising Designer?
By : Shannon Dauphin Lee
Publish date : May 10, 2013

Advertising designers are responsible for creating the promotional campaigns that put products, people, companies or services in the spotlight. Read More...

Five of the Fastest Growing Health Care Careers in the Nation
By : Joe Taylor Jr.
Publish date : May 1, 2013

As Americans try to balance longer lives with the desire to remain active and vibrant, healthcare careers reward professionals ready to follow the trend. Read More...

Pros and Cons of Online College
By : Justin Boyle
Publish date : Apr 18, 2013

Do the advantages of online education outweigh the challenges? Read on to find out once and for all. Read More...

Does the Future of Online Colleges Include MOOCs?
By : Jim Sloan
Publish date : Apr 18, 2013

Free, open online courses lure thousands of students eager to learn. Read More...

Most teachers report job satisfaction, study shows
By : Candice Mancini
Publish date : Apr 18, 2013

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher indicates that most teachers are satisfied with their jobs, despite the focus on the reduction in teacher satisfaction. Major changes in the American education system could increase teacher motivation and job satisfaction down the road. Read More...

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Career education : Feed your need to succeed

These days, the job market is changing so quickly that keeping up with the training you need to get the career you want -- or get ahead in the one you have -- can seem daunting. A 2012 study from the Pew Research Center found that only about half of workers aged 18 to 49 believe that they have the education they need to get ahead in their current career. Of those aged 18 to 34 and not working, only 27 percent believed they had the education necessary to get the kind of job they want. This is where career education comes in.

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Finding career education online is getting easier. Thanks to advances in online education technology and standards, online courses are becoming more interactive and expanding into new and emerging subject areas. Take a look at the career education programs in our Online Degrees by Subject section and get a better idea of what kind of programs are offered in your chosen field.

The "online degrees by subject" section is designed to provide more information for people who already have a pretty good idea of which field they're interested in. All of the online schools and the programs offered are organized by subject, making it easy to find the program you seek.

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Ever wonder how people get into their careers? Need a little extra guidance on your career path? This is the section for you. Education Center Online's Career Search Center breaks down careers in 12 high-level subjects. Articles in this section offer insight into the day-to-day activities of people employed in a wide range of careers, often backed with available salary, employment, and educational data.

Learn all about what it takes to train for careers such as:

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Career education online and on campus is available -- and in many online programs, you can get started quickly rather than having to wait for a new semester to begin.

If you don't feel like you're in the right career, consider going back to school for some focused career education. You can find programs specifically designed to help you prepare for the career you want, and Education Center Online can help you make an informed decision.