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How to become a CPAThere is a surprising number of people out there who really dislike doing their taxes. Come April 15, you can actually here the groans people let out as they try to recollect every expense they had over the past year.

There is also a surprising number of people who actually enjoy doing taxes. If you fall into the later category, you’re in luck. There is a huge market waiting for you. Become a certified public accountant  (CPA) and you’ll be swamped with requests all year round.

What is a CPA?

Also known as a CPA, a certified public accountant is essentially a licensed accountant who has completed a certain level of accreditation and requirements. Whether for businesses or individuals, your job is to do taxes, balance the books, find deductions, and save your client as much money as possible.

You want to make sure that they receive every tax advantage they can without breaking the law. Thus, it requires a thorough understanding of state and federal tax law plus a certain degree of creativity and outside-the-box thinking. This is why Certified Public Accountant schooling is so important.

CPA training

While one need not be a CPA to do taxes professionally, having a CPA credential will greatly aid you in your quest to secure clients. Remember, most people take their money very seriously. They will want to make sure that you possess the requisite skills before handing over their precious finances to your care. Suffice to say that having a bachelors degree and a CPA credential will prove advantageous in the long run.

Job Outlook for a CPA

The job outlook for certified public accountants is pretty favorable. If people continue to make money, they will continue to pay taxes. This means steady work for you.