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Database AdministratorInformation is everything. Without it companies cannot compete. Without it, the economy would collapse. The global markets thrive on it. Hospitals need it. Schools rely on it.

All of an organization’s information, from personnel and payroll files to consumer research and sales figures, is stored as data. Managing, securing, and storing this data is the responsibility of the database administrator.

What is a Database Administrator?

As a database administrator, your job is to make certain that employees can access information efficiently and quickly as needed. You’re also charged with preventing unauthorized access by outside or restricted users. This is becoming increasingly difficult given our growing reliance of connectivity and wireless communication.

Becoming a Database Administrator

There are many paths for entry into this field, but if you are serious about making this a career, you can greatly increase your chances if you study up on database programs like Oracle or one of the many SQL platforms. In addition, you should consider earning a degree in computer science or management information systems.

Or you could secure a certificate as a database administrator (DBA). All of these programs would provide you with a foundation knowledge for managing large volumes of data.

Job outlook for a Database Administrator

Not surprisingly, the job outlook for this occupation is quiet high. Not only is the world creating more information on a daily basis, but there is also an increase in potential security breaches as a result.

Thus, if you are a database administrator, you will have to be on your Ps and Qs at all times. You can expect to work about 40 hours a week with a median salary approaching $56,000 a year.