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How to become a Certified Nurses AssistantDo you enjoy helping people, forming relationships and caring for others? There are few jobs that are more rewarding than certified nurses assistants (CNAs).

What is a Certified Nurses Assistant?

As a certified nurses assistant, you will be responsible for general patient care. You’ll assistant the head nurse with duties ranging from bathing and grooming, to changing bandages and dressings, to checking vital signs and general health indicators. It’s specialized work that requires a great deal of patience and understanding. You’ll be working with people from all walks of life and every age (after all, everyone gets sick at some time or another).

Training to Become a Certified Nurses Assistant

In addition to a high school diploma, you’ll also need to complete a 6-12 week CNA training program where you’ll learn all of the basics needed for the job. In addition, some states require an additional exam before you can start practicing as a certified nurses assistant. You’ll need to check the exact regulations in your particular state.

Job Prospects for Certified Nurses Assistants

Nurses are always in high demand given the specialized nature of their work. The same is true with their assistants. You’ll be busy from your very first day, rest assured. This trend will only increase as baby boomers transition into retirement homes and nursing facilities. The health care industry is positioned to grow exponentially in the coming years. If you possess the skills and qualifications, there will be plenty of work for you.

Salary Figures for a Certified Nurses Assistant

You can expect to make anywhere from minimum wage to $15+ an hour depending on your exact location and skill. You’ll also be in a terrific position to complete your full nursing certification if you really enjoy your work after a few years.