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Education AdministratorFor a school to run efficiently, not only must there be competent teachers. There must also be enough supplies, well-enforced rules, ample facilities, and effective scheduling. In short, a school must have good education administration.

What is an Education Administrator?

Think of a school like it was a business. Your goal is to churn out as much product (smart students) as possible with your limited resources (teachers, books, facilities). This is the main goal of education administration. Your job is to act as a leader and trainer for the teachers.

You are charged with making sure that your instructors have all the resources and materials that they need. You’re responsible for making sure that the day-to-ay operations run smoothly. In addition, you are often the main liaison between students, financial donors, parents, alumni, and other schools. In short, you are the principal.

Becoming an Education Administrator

Most education administrators work their way from the ground up. If you are interested in becoming an education administrator at a school or university, you should probably start out as a teacher or counselor. The requirements for these positions vary by region and level. Most States will require you to become certified if you plan to teach in Elementary or High School. Most universities require at least a masters in your specific field.

Job Outlook for an Education Administrator

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that growth in this occupation will exceed the national average. They cite increased adult education courses and extra-curricular programs as a major factor. Your expertise will be needed in places outside of the traditional school classroom in the years to come. You can expect to make a median salary of about $70,000 a year.