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Information Systems Manager - Training & Careers

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Information Systems ManagersComputer and information systems managers are responsible for evolving and implementing the computer-related policies of businesses and other organizations. Because information systems are now embedded in many highly-diverse organizations, the work of an information systems manager can vary considerably from company to company.

You would probably liaise with senior executives to establish policy and then work out plans for using information technology in a way that fitted in with corporate goals. You could specialize in networks, databases, Internet strategy, or computer security, among other possibilities.

You might be responsible for buying hardware and software systems and for installation and maintenance. Information systems are a large, complex, and evolving field, so you could expect a stimulating job with plenty of variety.

What skills do Information Systems Managers Need?

As you may act as a bridge between the technical staff you manage and the non-technical executives you respond to, you need to be able to plant a foot in both camps. This means having real technical expertise and also the communication skills and patience to explain what is happening to colleagues who may find the technology somewhat confusing. You will also be expected display strong business skills.

What training is required for a Information Systems Manager?

If you aspire to be an information systems manager then a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related subjects is a good start. You are likely to progress to management level via posts such as systems analyst, programmer, or computer support worker. Advancement to managerial level may require a technology-based MBA.

Job Outlook as an Information Systems Manager?