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How to Become a DrafterDrafters are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing, construction, and engineering world. Without them, most ideas would never reach the production line. Without their input and expertise, our global economy might cease to function.

What Exactly is a Drafter?

A drafter is a sketch artist who provides a general blue-print for new designs (be it a toy, highway, toaster, house…). These design prints include all of the details, procedures, materials and specs so that manufacturers can see a visual representation of the finished product.

Different Kinds of Drafters

In the construction world, an architectural drafter basically creates the familiar blueprints that serve as a template for all to see. In the world of city planning, a civil drafter outlines major topographical features, buildings, and highway systems.

Becoming a Architectural or Civil Drafter

Given how important accuracy and detail are, it is not surprising that most employers prefer to hire those with university training in drafting. After all, a misplaced zero or a crooked line could bring a building toppling down.

If you are interested in pursuing this line of work, many major universities, technical institutes and community colleges offer the necessary coursework. You’ll study basic engineering, art, mathematics, physics, and of course, drafting. In addition, you’ll learn how to incorporate computer technology into your designs. The days of pencils are quickly fading.

Job Outlook for a Drafter

The US Department of Labor predicts that job growth will be slower than average due to recent advances in computer technology (i.e., drafters can do more in less time). However, it is quick to point out that those with formal education will have a much better chance of finding employment.