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Graphic Artist Since the first known cave paintings dating back around 16,000 years, mankind has used every means available to create visual displays which communicate something. The range of print and artistic technologies has steadily grown, and the present-day graphic artist has an impressive array to choose from.

If you are considering a career in graphic arts, you will have not only words and visual designs at your disposal, but the whole panoply of multimedia and computer technology. You can use this to lay out newspapers, create advertisements, design movie credits, or perhaps Internet sites. Just a few of many examples.

From the billboard to the computer monitor, graphic artists are in demand to create designs which get the message across.

Graphic Artists Skills

You certainly need some talent in drawing and design. You also need to be comfortable with working with computer design tools. Graphic artists must be good listeners, willing and able to understand their client's needs and to work effectively within a commercial framework.

Graphic Artists Training Requirements

Talent on its own is not enough. To compete for graphic artist jobs you need a degree-level education. You should aim for a bachelor's degree in graphic art or design. Your degree program will combine training in traditional skills such as drawing and painting with in-depth work on computer aided design (CAD).

Job Outlook for Graphic Artists

The Bureau of Labor cites 212,000 graphic designers working in 2002. Owing to the growth of the Internet and the rising demand for multimedia entertainment, jobs for graphic artists and designers are forecast to increase faster than the average. This makes your job outlook very promising, but bear in mind that there will be plenty of competition. The professional skills your degree training will give you will be critical in establishing your graphic art career.