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Schools in District of Columbia

Named after George Washington and Christopher Columbus, the nation's capital has an interesting and sometimes conflicted history. Carved out of neighboring Maryland and Virginia, Washington, DC was designed to be a shining example of democracy and justice. During the civil war, however, Virginia took back much of the land and destroyed the perfect 10 by 10 square mile diamond. But the virtues of this tiny city remained undiminished. It's no surprise that the city's song is the Star Spangled Banner (sound familiar?).

The city is predominantly residential, and there are few, if any, factories nearby. As a result, Washington, DC has extremely clean air. Most residents work for or with the federal government-either in the city proper or in the Pentagon located in neighboring Virginia. The city's main industry is tourism. There's a good chance that your second grade class visited this fair city at one time-almost all schools make some type of trip.