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Time ManagementTime Management on the Job

 In any career, you need to have great time management skills. They can be the difference between success and disappointment in your job.


Keep Track of your Projects

 The best tip for keeping track of your tasks is to make "to do" lists. They are essential to setting goals for the day, as well as the long term.

Keep a list of your long term goals in plain sight. Mark them on a calendar or in your planner. Email programs such as Outlook have excellent ways to keep track of things with alerts you can set to remind you of upcoming deadlines or events.

At the same time, make a daily "to do" first thing each morning. If you fall behind in your work a list helps you focus on your goals and put the right things on the back burner.


Don't Waste Time on Unimportant Things

There are several tricks that can keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Setting priorities and following these tips will assure that you spend time on substantial work:

• Keep your desk area clean and organized; you won't waste time looking for trivial things like paper clips.

• Log all appointments and meetings; you won't worry about trying to remember them.

                • Deal with correspondence right away; you won't have to spend time catching up on it later.


Be Organized

Being organized is one of the most important skills of time management on the job. For example, setting priorities before you begin a task will help you work more efficiently. You should also keep your documents in good order, whether on your computer or in file cabinets. Easy access to documents will save you a lot of time.