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Corporate IT Training Practices

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Business has to consistently keep up with rapidly advancing IT technology while protecting computer networks from security breaches. To accomplish this, various industries invest in ongoing corporate IT training for its employees. In this way, employees are up-to-date with the latest IT technology and – as an added benefit – these trainings prepare employees for advancement within the corporation.

Industry IT Training

Most industries depend on IT to accomplish their work. Industries provide mandatory IT training that enables employees to acquire and develop fundamental IT skills needed to maintain IT security intact. Additionally, companies offer employees product-specific IT security training so that they acquire skills on particular IT products.

Topics that are covered in corporate IT training include:

  • General security concepts
  • Hardening existing network infrastructures
  • Network defense and countermeasures

These are some of the many careers that involve IT training:

  • Computer systems analysts: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of computer systems analysts will increase by 27 percent or more through 2014. In May 2004, median annual earnings of computer systems analysts were $66,460.
  • Computer support specialists: The BLS projects that employment of computer support specialists will increase by 18 to 26 percent through 2014. Median annual earnings of computer support specialists were $40,430 in May 2004.
  • Systems Administrators: The BLS projects that employment of systems administrators will increase by 27 percent or more through 2014. In May 2004, median annual earnings were $58,190.

Evidently, many jobs are dependent on up-to-date IT corporate professionals. Corporations, with ongoing training for employees, can assure that their network remains secure and efficient on a regular basis.