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Curriculum and Technology The field of curriculum and technology focuses on technological trends and how they are instructed in the classroom. With so many advances in technology over the past ten years, there has been an increased demand for technology instruction in K-12 education. State, federal, and corporate funding has been dedicated to installing computers and internet access in most K-12 schools, and teaching students how to use them.

Curriculum and technology also includes techniques for using technology in all subjects, from math to science and social studies. The internet especially is a powerful learning tool, and many contemporary curriculum and technology courses focus on its use in the classroom.

Jobs and Changes in Technology and Education

Students in curriculum and technology degree programs typically find work in K-12 schools across the country. Many of them work for district offices, developing instruction for various subjects, or working the district IT department to implement technological advances within classrooms.

Careers in curriculum and technology can be started with a variety of educational degree programs or specialties. The field is expected to experience high growth over the coming years as the internet increases its presence in education and commerce, and state standards regarding technology change to reflect this growth. A degree is required for most positions in curriculum and technology.