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Substitute TeacherIf you're considering a career in education, like to help in the classroom, or just want a steady income while preparing for another career, substitute teaching offers many rewards. Substitute teachers are invaluable faculty members in elementary, middle, and secondary schools each semester.

They are not glorified babysitters, but actually deliver prepared lesson plans, tutor students in their subject matter, and provide guidance while the regular classroom teacher is on vacation or illness leave. Often substitute teachers are asked to step up and conduct a class for the entire school year.

As a substitute teacher, you'll probably work on an on-call basis. This means you work only when you want to. Many people find enough work and support themselves by subbing.

Substitute teachers typically are recruited to work in a single school district, attending schools within the local system when and where they are needed. Even so, many substitute teachers register with several districts in their region and have reliable, consistent work throughout the school year and often during the summer months.

Preparing for Substitute Teaching

Each state in the country has its own requirements for preparing and credentialing certified teachers. And every school district within the state traditionally has its own set of entry requirements for substitute teachers. Because of a shortage in qualified candidates throughout the land, many districts have created streamlined or emergency credential programs for substitute teachers.

Many districts are looking for people who already hold bachelor's degrees to work as substitute teachers. Depending on your state, you may have to pass a certification exam that demonstrates a basic competency in the arts and sciences. There are short-term test preparation courses offered by business or trade schools and community colleges for these exams.