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Industrial engineering careersThe Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that industrial engineering careers are one of the more popular engineering specializations in the U.S., with 12% of engineers working within the field of industrial engineering. Of the 177,000 industrial engineers working in the nation, a wide variety of careers are possible. Industrial engineers might have the following responsibilities:

  • Increasing productivity among employees or technology
  • Solving organizational or production related problems within the company
  • Designing manufacturing or information systems
  • Improving existing systems for production or distribution

Industrial engineers are an essential part of any company that produces a product. Many industrial engineers choose to work in machinery manufacturing or motor vehicle parts and manufacturing fields. Industrial engineering careers can also be found within the military, environmental groups, and technology fields.

Career prospects

The future of industrial engineering careers is expected to hinge on a general industry need to increase production efficiency, and to reduce costs, waste, and delays. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of $65,020 for industrial engineering careers. Additionally, the BLS reports the following starting salary offers for industrial engineering careers based on education:

  • Bachelor's degree: $49,567
  • Master's degree: $56,561
  • PhD: $85,000

While no degree program can guarantee a particular career or salary, securing an education in industrial engineering can be a benefit to hiring managers who prefer or require education or training in this competitive field. For students enrolled in engineering educational programs, choosing an industrial engineering specialization may be an intelligent choice.