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Safety engineering careersSafety engineers are interested in applying their knowledge of engineering principles to keep workplaces and products safe for workers and consumers. A number of safety engineers work in manufacturing industries and may have a hand in both worker and consumer safety. A typical workday for a safety engineer might include the following tasks:

  • Studying a production chemical's hazardous properties and advising specific protective measures
  • Testing the final product of a child's toy for breakable or small pieces
  • Developing a new evacuation procedure in case of a manufacturing plant fire

Career Options

The options for safety engineering careers vary with the engineer's education, experience, and specialization. Safety engineering careers may be found in these locations:
  • Automotive manufacturing plants
  • Research and development laboratories
  • State and local governments
Safety engineers are highly valued in mines, where they use their specific knowledge of mine design and procedure to keep workers safe as they comply with State and Federal mining regulations. It should be noted that careers for safety engineers in mining are expected to decline along with other careers in the mining industry, as industries such as coal, metal, and copper mining are all expected to experience decreases in employment. For this reason, mining safety engineers may want to consider further education or specialization in manufacturing safety engineering.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, safety engineers bring home average earnings of $63,730. While no degree or certificate program can guarantee a particular degree or salary, safety engineering careers require a specialized knowledge, and employers typically prefer or require education or experience when hiring.