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Electrical EngineerElectrical engineers work with a vast array of electrical equipment and technologies. These include areas as diverse as the wiring in buildings, production machinery, power generating plant, and aircraft.  While, as an electrical engineer, you would probably specialize in one field or type of equipment, you have a considerable amount of choice.  You could also choose whether to work at the design and development end, to work as a test engineer, or to oversee manufacturing and production processes.  The possibilities are as endless as the amazing range of electrical equipment which powers our lives.

Training as an Electrical Engineer

Employers offering electrical engineering jobs will generally expect you to hold at least a bachelor’s degree.  An electrical engineer degree program will combine mathematical, scientific and engineering subjects to train you for this highly specialized field.  While programs will vary by college, you can expect to study topics such as

  • Engineering materials and mechanics
  • Computer programming
  • Numerical analysis
  • Integrated circuits
  • Controls and instrumentation

As you progress in your program you may also be able to take elective courses in specialized topics.

Electrical Engineering Jobs

There were 146,000 electrical engineering jobs in 2004, accounting for over 10% of the total engineering workforce. You will find electrical engineering job opportunities in very many organizations and locations. Manufacturing industry is a major employer, as are companies offering professional and technical services.  Architecture, engineering, and related activities are the most significant employers of electrical engineers, but the opportunities in general are varied and plentiful.  As a well-trained electrical engineer you can look forward to good employment opportunities in an area which should grow well into the future.