Nursing Programs: 5 Tips to Get Through the Toughest Classes
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5 Tips for Surviving the Toughest Nursing Classes

by Jennifer Willson

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Whether you're starting at one of the many nursing schools across the country or working on your nursing CEUs, some of biggest challenges a nurse can face are in the classroom. But don't be daunted. Here are 5 tips to help you tackle the toughest of RN classes:

1. Don't study just for better grades in your nursing courses.

You'll get more out of your nursing courses if you study to retain what you're reading instead of cramming the night before just to bump up your grade. Make time to review every day after class, setting a reachable study goal for each session.

2. Keep your studying focused and efficient.

Graduates from nursing programs can tell you that the content itself isn't difficult. It's the amount of content you need to learn that poses a challenge. So it's crucial to study efficiently. Look through the course syllabus to see what your professor thinks is important. Focus on chapter headings and summaries to organize your thinking, then pinpoint key terms and concepts.

3. Don't be afraid to speak up in your RN classes.

Professors at nursing programs know what you're going through. So don't be afraid to speak up! Both online nursing degree programs and traditional nursing schools offer ways to get involved and interact in class. At home, write questions in the margins as you read.

4. Find strength in numbers.

Pull together a study group for your RN classes. This is your chance to divide and conquer reading material and quiz each other before tests. Set up an online discussion board to share ideas and keep each other motivated.

5. Take time to take care of yourself.

You can't be your best if you don't feel your best. So exercise, take breaks, make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. There's no better way prepare for nursing courses that push you to the limit.



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