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A Psychology Degree is a Great Tool

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The human mind is a source of universal amazement, mystery, grandeur, and beauty. Those who choose to earn a psychology degree are dedicating themselves to the study of the human mind, and the human behavior that is associated with it. A vast host of job opportunities are available to the person who possesses a psychology degree, and the type of psychology degree you choose to pursue should be based on your career goals for the future.

Perhaps the most valuable and widely applicable psychology degree is the doctoral psychology degree, resulting in a Ph.D. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the doctoral psychology degree is the standard entry level requirement for most psychology positions. Earning a Ph.D. psychology degreemeans first attending undergraduate school, preferably majoring in psychology or a relevant field--such as statistics, social sciences, biology, or mathematics--and earning a bachelor’s degree. After securing your bachelor’s degree, you will spend five to seven years earning your doctoral psychology degree, ending in a dissertation based on original research. If you choose to earn a Psy.D, or a Doctor of Psychology degree, practical work and examinations may substitute for the dissertation.

It is also possible to earn a master’s psychology degree, which requires less graduate work--two to three years instead of five to seven--but your career options will be limited, and conducting clinical therapy will most likely remain out of reach.

Once you have completed your psychology degree, you will be a viable candidate for many different jobs. From teaching and researching to working in a mental health hospital or opening a private practice, your psychology degree is the key to the career of your choice, devoted entirely to the phenomenal human mind.