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Massage Therapy DegreesMassage Therapy Degrees Online: Getting a Jumpstart on Your Training

Believe it or not, you can complete much of your massage therapy training online. It might seem difficult to train massage therapists through online courses. After all, massage therapy requires hands-on work with clients. Massage therapy degree programs, however, have other components besides hands-on training. They include more traditional classes in science and business topics. These courses lend themselves to online completion.


Complete Many Courses Toward Massage Therapy Degrees Online

The two parts of a massage therapist's training are the courses in anatomy, physiology, massage techniques, and professional skills, and the practical application of the knowledge gleaned from these courses. The first component can be completed online. Courses include such topics as tissues, organs, muscles, bones, joints, business planning, and pathology.


Online courses offer much more flexibility than traditional college courses. You can do your coursework from any location, and you can fit it into your busy schedule. If your only free time is at 4am every morning, there is no reason why you cannot take all of your courses at 4am.


Get Your Hands-On Massage Training

After you complete your coursework in the theory of massage, you are ready to put your training into practice. There is no substitute for supervised clinical hours in which you can work with massage professionals to learn about different massage modalities. You have the opportunity to see and feel effective massages and to get your questions answered immediately by your instructor. After you complete the two parts of your massage training program, you are ready to earn your massage license and begin your massage therapy career.


If you worry that you do not have enough time for a traditional massage therapy school, consider your online options. You might find that you are closer than you ever thought possible to starting a career in massage therapy.