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Schools in Arkansas

Home of 42nd US. President Bill Clinton, Arkansas is a state that has seen a tremendous renaissance in recent years. With a population approaching 3 million, the "Wonder State" has steadily risen out of obscurity and is now a popular destination place for vacationers from around the world. Nature lovers come to see the pines, mockingbirds, and apple blossoms (the state tree, bird, and flower). While history buffs come to see Little Rock-the state capital and scene of the famous desegregation movement during the Civil Rights era.

Like many of the neighboring states, Arkansas' greatest resource is its natural beauty. With rolling hills, lush forests, beautiful parks and lazy streams, you might find yourself never wanting to leave. But nature is not the only draw. The state motto, "the people rule," serves as a lasting reminder that individual citizens are the backbone of this great nation. The people of Arkansas are shining examples of this fact.