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Cardiovascular Technologist - Training & Careers

- Most clinics and hospitals require at least a 2-year degree in cardiovascular medicine. The first year is usually dedicated to coursework where you will learn chemistry, anatomy, biology, and other related sciences. The second year is usually more hands on training where you will learn either invasive or noninvasive monitoring... More

Certified Nurses Assistant - Training & Careers

- In addition to a high school diploma, you'll also need to complete a 6-12 week CNA training program where you'll learn all of the basics needed for the job. In addition, some states require an additional exam before you can start practicing as a certified nurses assistant.... More

Dental Assistant - Training & Careers

- While many dental assistants learn their training on the job, a good many complete dental-assistant programs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the American Dental Association has approved over 250 accredited schools and programs for this purpose.... More

Dental Hygienist - Training & Careers

- Because of the broad scope of duties, it is not surprising that dental hygienists must be licensed in the State in which they practice. After dental hygiene school, candidates must take a two part test. There is both a written exam (administered by the American Dental Association Joint Commission on... More

Dental Laboratory Technician - Training & Careers

- Although most dental technicians learn their skills while on the job, many still go to school in order to improve their earning potential and employability. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2002 at least 25 new programs were certified to teach dental laboratory technology by the Commission on... More

Finding Respiratory Therapy Travel Jobs

- You can live in a big city for the fall; move to a small snowy town for the winter; perhaps suburban living for the spring; and the beach for the summer. Or how about going south for the winter? The biggest benefit of respiratory therapy travel jobs is this incredible... More

How to Become a Massage Therapist

- Not every state in the United States requires a massage therapy license--about half of them do however require a license. Of those that do, most states require between 500 and 600 hours of training at a certified massage therapy school.... More

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist - Training & Careers

- Medical coding and billing training usually requires one to two years of full time study. Colleges, tech schools, community colleges, and online education providers can supply the education you will need to become a medical billing and coding specialist.... More

Respiratory Therapy Job Salaries

- Respiratory therapy salaries are quite good, especially for those who work as respiratory therapists. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2004 median annual earnings of respiratory therapists were $43,140, while the middle 50 percent made between $37,650 and $50,860.... More