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Addiction Counseling Skills

- Effective addiction counseling skills can help treat addictions, which can be defined as any behavior or the use of any substance that is controlling a person's life. Find out how to acquire addiction counseling skills.... More

Anesthesiologist Assistant - Training & Careers

- You'll need to attend an anesthesiologist assistant program at an accredited university in order to secure a foundation knowledge. Thereafter, you'll have to pass the certification administered by the National Commission on Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants.... More

How to Become a Medical Records Technician

- Medical records technicians tend to have an associate degree in the field. Courses include medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, medical law, coding, data processing, statistics, database management, and computer science.... More

Medical Laboratory Technician - Training & Careers

- Most often in order successfully to pursue a career as a medical lab tech you will have to have a bachelor's degree in medical technology or one of the life sciences.... More

Medical Office Administrator - Training & Careers

- In order to move into a position as a medical office administrator, you will likely need a master's degree. A degree in health services administration, long-term care administration, health sciences, public health, public administration, or business administration can give you a great start.... More

Medical Secretary - Training & Careers

Medical Secretary Medical Secretaryst
- To ensure success in securing employment as a medical secretary you should have some form of secretarial training. Many technical schools, community, and junior colleges offer certificates or associate degrees in office procedures.... More

Ultrasound Technician - Training & Careers

- While states do not specifically require licensing for ultrasound technicians, hospitals and clinics do require new hires to have certificates or diplomas from a recognized training program. Typically, sonography training is offered at medical vocational-technical institutes, colleges, and universities.... More

What is Certified Addiction Counselor Training?

- Certified addiction counselor training prepares students by teaching the types of and psychology of addiction; offering a place to practice counseling skills; and helping students to enhance their listening skills.... More

What is the Meaning of Cardiovascular?

- The cardiovascular system, also referred to as the circulatory system, includes the heart and blood vessels.... More