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Schools in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State has more to offer than the world's largest chasm. It has some of the most scenic parks and preserves in the country. There are beautiful stretches of serene open spaces dotted by beautiful cacti (no wonder the cactus wren and the saguaro cactus blossom are the state bird and flower respectively). There is also a thriving Native American population whose rich history serves as the backdrop for this 48th State. There are even Native American cities that date back to the Pre-Columbian era-how's that for a school field trip?

Whether you're a Native American buff, a backpacker, or a nature lover, Arizona has something for you-even if you're a city-slicker. The capital city of Phoenix is a bustling metropolis that is guaranteed to recharge your batteries before you head back out into the Great Outdoors. Given this perfect combination of nature and civilization, it's no wonder that over 5 million people have made Arizona their home.