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Schools in Colorado

Because of its majestic, breathtaking peaks, you might expect Colorado's nick name to be the "Rocky Mountain State." However, this 38th state enjoys a slightly different name, "The Centennial State," because it was founded in 1876 (100 years after the Declaration of Independence).

History aside, Colorado is clearly most famous for its nature-the beautiful Colorado Blue Spruces (the state tree), the snow-capped mountains, the lush rivers and springs, and the fields of Rocky Mountain Columbine (the state flower). It's no wonder that over 4 million people call Colorado home. It's not surprising, either, that so many vacationers head there for skiing. When it comes to slopes, Colorado pretty much takes the cake. However, if you're not a big skier, and you don't care for the great outdoors, there's always the bustling capital city of Denver. There, you have access to any modern convenience your heart could desire. No matter who you are, Colorado has something for you.