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Your favorite maroon tank top with braided straps, the basketball shoes that make you feel like Michael Jordan, the earrings that catch the light in every room, the jeans that give you a movie star body, even when you have skipped the gym for weeks--you can thank fashion designers for these beloved products, for they are the products of their imagination, hard work, and follow through. If you, too, possess these three attributes, as well as a passion for fashion, look in to fashion design schools for the professional training to help you join the ranks of your favorite fashion designers.

Design Courses

Fashion design schools typically offer two or four year degree programs that teach students the fundamentals of fashion design, and guide them along in developing their own sense of style and individuality as fashion designers. In fashion design schools, you should learn the art of the sketch, where your ideas begin to take shape with pencil and paper. Today’s fashion design schools also stress the technical, teaching future fashion designers to use computers to create fashion sketches and design pattens. The history of fashion, the use of color, the differences among textiles, marketing, communication, and other topics relevant to the careers of fashion designers should be instilled in the students of worthwhile fashion design schools.

After completing programs at fashion design schools, graduates are ready to enter this glamorous, but competitive field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about two thirds of all fashion designers worked in either New York or California in 2004, and about one in four were self employed.