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Interior DesignIf you are interested in a career in the area of art and design, then some useful information on interior design is always worthwhile reading.  Interior design deals with the decoration and furnishing of the interior of buildings, used for business of all kinds, for entertainment and for living. 

Interior design in business deals with the design of offices, reception areas and of other work places.  Many large businesses require a certain image to be projected of their company, and a part of this image is the way that the public parts of the offices are decorated and furnished.  Receptions are often on a large scale, and this can be the first impression that an individual has of a company, so much thought and effort is expended on the interior design of this area.  Similarly offices can give an impression of the company, and good design can also affect how well people work in offices, so interior design is considered a necessary service for many companies.

Domestic Interior Design  

Domestic interior design deals with private houses.  With greater disposable income, more people use the services of an interior designer to help them create the kind of living space where they feel comfortable and relaxed.  Interior designers will often specialize in a particular style of design, making contacts with furniture and soft furnishing manufacturers who deal in specific styles, for instance cottage or modern.  Some interior designers specialize in certain functions within a home, for instance they will design kitchens or bathrooms for clients, dealing with some of the project management issues as well as design.

If you are considering a career in this area, take a look at the websites that will give you information on interior design, and see how designers create their own specialties.