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Who Uses Graphic Design

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Graphic designers work in many different areas of industry, including media such as print, computer and television, in the entertainment industry and in communications, in industrial design and alongside games designers. Because graphic designers need a mixture of talents including artistic ability and the ability to use design for practical solutions, good graphic designers need both natural abilities and a good education.

Media and Advertising 

So who uses graphic design as a part of their industry?  The media are a large employer of graphic designers, who lay out the printed word, and use illustration and graphics to make print more attractive and more understandable.  New media also use graphic designers, in particular for games, website design and some program design, on the principle that using graphics to represent information can make it much more understandable.  Allied to this is the advertising industry, who uses graphic design for much of their work.

Manufacturing and Corporations 

Graphic designers are used for textile and household item design, for book illustrations and for business presentations.  They work in many businesses as a part of the corporate communications, making sure that the company image projects the ideas and required "feel" of the company. 

If you are thinking of entering a career as a graphic designer, you will find that there are a plethora of opportunities in a whole range of career areas, but that competition is fierce, and you need to think carefully how you specialize in order to be able to build a successful career.  Who uses graphic design?  Almost everyone.