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Fashion Stylist SchoolsFashion stylists work for photographers and directors to bring to help realize their vision in a fashion photo shoot, layout, music video or commercial. Their work is not confined to make-up. They work on the settings of the shots, scouting locations, setting up props and choosing the fashions, accessories, and models appropriate to the shoot. While you are surrounded by glamour, you will need to be very creative and hardworking. If you want to be a part of this exciting industry, you will need to choose from and attend one of the many fashion stylist schools available.

What you know about Fashion Stylist Schools

You may want to start with a two to four year degree in art or fashion design covering design, textiles and merchandising. Experience in fashion retail is also a boon. Fashion stylist courses at fashion stylist schools will cover make-up application, hairstyling, and wardrobe styling for models and actors. You will learn the different make-up techniques that you need to employ for use in live performance, photo shoots, or film recording sessions. You should look for a course offering a job placement, as hands-on experience and contacts are vital in this career. You will also need to build up a portfolio.

Who you know in Fashion Stylist Schools

Once you have qualified, you will need to be prepared to work hard to get to the top. The right decisions and contacts, and the reputation for getting the job done will all combine with your creativity to get you a good reputation. This can lead to fantastic salaries in this field. Starting by working for magazines, newspapers, retailers, advertising agencies, and music production companies, you could end up running your own business. Or you could end up working in fashion design schools yourself.